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Spend A Penny, For Free!

It’s a nightmare looking for a toilet sometimes.

Especially when you have kids and they suddenly announce to you that they need a wee.

I hate paying for toilets, so this news was fantastic to read!

From 2019, all Network Rail train stations will remove fees to use the loo.


I don’t understand why they charge in the first place. You’re using the train station, so should be able to use the toilet that is there. Just as if you were at a cafe having a drink, you’d expect to use the toilet there.

Anyway, from Leeds to London Kings Cross, Edinburgh Waverley to Liverpool Lime Street, the fee will be no more.

It’s worth noting that other companies own and run other stations,some of which charge, some which don’t, so it’s worth checking online before you turn up without a bit of pocket change.

Pee for free. A much-needed win for the railway users of the UK.


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