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Things To Do During The Easter Holidays

Two weeks with the kids can seem quite daunting.

They are usually so engaged with school and worked pretty hard, going from one activity to another.

Firstly, don’t be scared or ashamed to give them a few days off. You don’t need to pack every part of every day with activity. School days do take it out of them and they deserve to rest and have a break. If the weather is nice, let them roam the garden, play with toys they don’t normally get to and fill their air with lungs if a great idea. Get them to help sort the garden out after the winter months, maybe plant some flowers or get them to help mow the lawn. They might want to just relax with a book.

Get up early one morning and hide some cheap chocolate Easter eggs around the garden and/or house. This will give them a full morning of exploring and looking for treats.

We’ve got a junk modelling box where we put empty kitchen rolls or boxes and our kids ask to keep bits and pieces to build with later. They have a great time doing it, their creations are awesome and it costs us nothing.

Going out for dinner can be tempting but it can cost loads. We sometimes buy supermarket pizzas and have a ‘pizza picnic’ in the living room. Sometimes with a DVD on. Picking things they wouldn’t usually do, or giving options to do something different is exciting for them.

If you do want to get out and about, look for free museums or community events that are happening. The cinema, theme parks or even swimming can be so expensive but the train ride (I know, a cost but you can get cheap tickets!) to a museum can be just as fun as the museum itself. I know Liverpool Museum has free entry and will entertain kids for hours.

Go for a walk in the woods or around a reservoir. Getting their wellies on & splashing in some puddles or squelching through some mud is fantastic. They’ll have a great day and sleep well at the end of it.

Of course, they might have ideas of their own. I know that some of the best ideas my little ones have don’t cost anything, they just have it in their heads that that is what they want to do with their time.

Let me know your other free ideas over on Twitter & have an amazing school holiday!



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