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British Gas Customer? Act now to avoid price hikes.

Over 4 million British Gas customers will see their bills by an average of £60 a year – that’s £5 a month! – from the end of May.

The energy firm has announced that it is increasing its gas and electricity prices by 5.5% (average) from 29 May for both the standard variable tariff and the new Temporary Tariff fixed rate deal, which replaced the standard tariff back in March.

I’ve said before that generally going to one of the big six companies, you’ll be paying too much. Funnily enough, going to EDF was actually our cheapest option recently but I will most likely be ditching and switching when our locked in price fix finishes next year.

If you are a British Gas customer there is probably a cheaper deal out there for you. Do a quick online comparison. Don’t worry if the cheapest is with a company you’ve never heard of, it’s the same gas and electricity, it’s just a different company you’re paying. Supplies won’t stop and it will be an easy transition which you don’t really need to do anything for. Even if the company when bust, the government step in and sort it out for you, again, with no stop to your supplies – this happened to me and it was all fine & dandy.

Check cashback sites if you are going to swap, you might be able to get some money!

If you’re insistent on staying with British Gas, call them up and ask if there is anything they can do to reduce the price you’re paying. If you don’t ask you don’t get.

Don’t get ripped off, ditch & switch today!


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