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Store Cupboard Basics

Your store cupboard can often provide essentials to create your daily main meal.

We’re talking pasta, tinned tomatoes, canned food, ingredients that are added to other foods for good plates of nosh.

How much do you pay for your basics? Is there really any difference between ‘value’ pasta and branded pasta, or even the supermarkets own brand? Probably a slight change in ingredients but probably very little to write home about. The cost difference can be huge though. Basic pasta from Tesco is 60p for 1kg. Tesco’s own brand is £1 for the same bag size. That’s a 40p difference.

A 400g can of value tinned tomatoes are 31p, compared to £1 for the Napolina branded version. They might have a slightly higher tomato content, but will anyone really notice once it’s in a sauce?

Salt & pepper will always flavour your food, whatever the price you pay for it. Speaking of flavour, 14g of mixed herbs from Tesco is 70p, 30g is £1. So if it’s something you use a lot, you’re better off buying the bigger version. This is true of so many things. The more you buy, it’s often cheaper per gram or millilitre.

Tesco Baked Beans In Tomato Sauce 4 X420g is £1. The Heinz version, which is actually for slightly smaller cans, is more than twice the price. They’ll pretty much taste exactly the same once they’re on toast and you’ve maybe sprinkled some cheese on top.

Another way to save is to find it in a different part of the supermarket. For instance, if you buy snacking nuts, take a look in the baking aisle instead of the snacking area. You’ll notice that they are probably exactly the same, just differently priced. Check the world foods aisle for this kind of price difference on products as it’s been reported this is where lots of items can often be cheaper.

I’m in no way saying don’t eat nice food, simply stating that nice doesn’t have to be expensive, especially the staples of your store cupboard. As the price of living goes up, we must find ways to bring the cost of it down for us as individuals, couples & families. Next time you’re shopping and you take something from the shelf, double check if there is a cheaper alternative available, one which the only difference you’ll noticed, is the price!


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