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My Best Recent Bargain

You know by now that we have NowTV. It works for us with its content, it’s contract-free just in case we ever need to cancel things and we have a pass for everything apart from sports. For entertainment, movies & kids, I don’t ever let the pass ‘roll over’ and pay the full price NowTV charge. Instead, I keep my eye out for offers on passes & boxes.

I recently saw that AO was selling certain boxes for only £10 each. This was a great deal as I tend to take the pass out the box and then sell the box (without a pass) on eBay. They sell for around £5 and as I don’t need it, that drops the price of the pass down significantly. It’s £7.99 a month for entertainment, and these boxes came with a two-month entertainment pass so it was a good deal.

What was an added extra was these boxes were promotional boxes with a £5.49 Sky Store voucher included. So naturally, I removed that from the boxes as well. That’s almost £30 to ‘spend’ on Sky Store, so we used it for The Greatest Showman on BluRay (and were able to watch it via Sky Store straight away) and we’ve got enough left over to watch another film, or possibly two depending on what we choose.

So when I do the maths, for £50 (well £49.50 as I got 1% cashback via Quidco) I got a BluRay which was selling for £15, 6 months of entertainment which is £7.99 a month (£47.94 in total), 6 months of kids which is £3.99 a month (£23.94 in total) and I have five boxes which I should be able to sell for at least a grand total of £25.

That’s over £110 in total. All for under £50.

So now when I’m watching Nashville (almost finished binge-watching the entire series!) or my kids are re-watching TMNT, I’ll be pleased that I managed to get these services for a lot cheaper than what they retail at and I’ll be keeping my eye out for the next great bargain.


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