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5 Dad Hacks That Will Make Your Life Better

There’s nothing quite like having kids. They are awesome and we wouldn’t change them for the world. But we must, as Dads, use a few highly skilled hacks to make fatherhood that little bit more manageable.

One. You’ll be washing a lot of clothes, as both parent & child will have poo and snot and dribble on everything. If you find yourself running out of pegs for the washing line, use the poppers or buttons on baby grows to hang them up. Genius!

Two. Need a bit of downtime? Why hire a babysitter when the kids are asleep? Get your monies worth and book a table for lunch instead. Put your babysitter to work at a time your kids will actually be awake. Whilst you enjoy a lunchtime cocktail!

Three. Don’t see car rides as a time to stick an iPad in front of your kid’s faces. Car time is important for talking about stuff or educating them with decent music. Find out about their day, share stories, let them know they can talk to you. Of course, they might fall asleep, but some Foo Fighters whilst they kip is good for them, right?

Four. Pick your stories carefully. There is so much children’s TV to choose from, but many shows also appeal to grown-ups too. The presenters even sometimes tailor the humour to the parents. You’ll also find famous faces reading the bedtime story every night, which is pretty good if they get a decent name from Game Of Thrones or Tom Hardy for the mums! Plenty of kids books also have funny bits specifically for you as well.

Four and a half. Nail the double turn of pages in books. That bedtime story that they’re making you read for the seventeenth time today will be just that little bit less mind ruining.

Five. Enjoy it. It goes far too quickly. Soon they’ll be saying words, knowing that you’re double turning their pages and eventually flying the nest. Make the most of every moment and be sure to hold onto their cuddles for an extra couple of seconds.

Happy Dad-ing!



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