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Why You Should Take Your Birthday Off Work

Did you know that lots of people don’t take their full allocated holiday days off work? We are living to work, not working to live which, to me, is a problem. That’s part of your contract, that’s time that you are paid to take off. The world is faster than ever, work seems to be required at an even more demanding pace than before. I want to encourage you to take your allocated vacation days off of work and if you’re struggling to find days to book off, start with your birthday.

I don’t think anyone should have to work on their birthday. Sometimes we’re fortunate enough for them to fall on weekends which is ideal if you work during the week, but more often than not, we’re in the office and it’s another normal day. The magic of birthdays seems to be forgotten the older we get, we still have the kids to take to school and the washing to do. However, the benefits of having your birthday away from the same four walls of your workplace can actually do you some good.

Birthdays should be relaxing, enjoyable, personal and full of c̶a̶k̶e̶ things you love to do! Spending time with family and friends on special days is what memories are made of. You’ll always remember that specific birthday and what you got up to.

If family and friends are at work themselves during the day, do something you enjoy. Maybe go to the gym without having to watch the clock, or enjoy a book in bed, you might be brought breakfast in bed first thing! A leisurely shower or bath and perhaps just put your feet up, Skype a friend in a different country or simply go for a walk. There’s something to be said about having a cup of coffee & sitting in the garden! Not only will you have spent some much needed time relaxing, you’ll feel refreshed for the next working day!

If you’re not in the office you don’t have to fork out for an obligatory team lunch to celebrate your birthday, but you’ll probably be sent home the day before with at the very least, a card. If you’re not taking the day off because you’re concerned about not getting work done and missing deadlines, how much work are you actually going to get done when people keep coming up to your desk wishing you a happy birthday, or you can’t actually find your way to your computer after colleagues have filled your office with balloons?

If you work for yourself, taking your birthday off should be one of your self-employed commandments. If you have the freedom to work for yourself, don’t shackle yourself to the workplace on your birthday. Those emails will still be in your inbox tomorrow!

Whilst researching this post I discovered that some companies actually do give you your birthday off work. It’s one of the perks of the company and they feel it’s morale-boosting, which I happen to agree with. If you’re fortunate enough to work for one of these companies, it’d be great to hear from you. If you’re one of the companies, let me know why you do it.

Birthdays are worth celebrating properly, we only have a certain number of them. Whilst we have countless days at work! A day off will help you to refresh, relax and refocus, ready to get back to work the next day – so everyone benefits!


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