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Live Within Your Means

I’ve been pondering this blog post title for a while. I find it difficult that people don’t live within their means.

By this, in monetary terms, I mean you work with what income you have and only spend what you’ve got.

If the washing machine breaks, what’s the point in going to the likes of Brighthouse where a £180 washing machine will actually cost you near £500 in the long run? Why not put your weekly payments aside and take the cost of going to the launderette out of that? Or borrow neighbours of friends machines, you could give them a few coins for the water and electricity. You’ll soon save up for it, but only pay the price of it, instead of some crazy APR.

Don’t buy things you don’t need. Or that you’ve already got. Ask yourself if you need that new pair of jeans. Use the food from your freezer instead of buying a takeaway. Use cash instead of handing over your bank card to make payments. Think about purchases & be sensible.

Go for a walk instead of the cinema, run on the streets instead of having a gym membership, make your own coffee rather than going to a coffee shop.

Try living under your means too, putting aside what you don’t spend into a savings accounts.

If we live within our means, not only do we teach our children that you don’t always have to spend money to have a good life, but we can eliminate unnecessary worry from our lives too. There’s enough in this world to worry about without adding extra to it.



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