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4 Home improvements that will save you money

Guest blog from Margaret from Cleaner Chiswick.
Your home is your fortress. So if you take care of it, maintain it properly, clean and ‘improve’, it will ‘repay’  back eventually. Nowadays there are many ways in which you can ‘update’ your home. While some improvements cost way more than others, all of them will be in favour of your home. So, if you consider making your home a better place,  here are 4 home improvements that will save you money.
1.  Security and alarm system – In present days, break-ins and home burglaries occur often. In most cases, criminals break into homes, which do not have an installed security system. Research shows that 83 percent of offenders pre-check for such systems before attempting a break-in. So investing in a security alarm system will give you comfort and sense of ‘safe’. And it is very likely to prevent a crime in your home, which will cost you a big amount of money for repairs, re-buying stolen goods, jewellery or any sort of personal documents, files, etc. In addition, nowadays the price of these systems is not big and the monthly monitoring service will not ‘break the bank’.
2.  Maintenance – Keeping clean and maintaining in good’ health’ your refrigerator or AC can save you a big ‘pile of cash’. Vacuuming the coils of the refrigerator will ‘boost’ its work, make it work more smoothly, silently and without accumulating dust. What’s more, it will reduce the amount of energy it consumes by up to 10 percents. Same goes for the AC and its filter. A ‘damaged’, old and dirty filter will prevent the AC from working in optimal level and will increase its energy consumption by 15 percent, which is a lot. So if you take care of the home appliances, they will definitely pay you back.
3.  Eco-cleaning – Who needs all of the expensive cleaning supplies on the market when you have baking soda, vinegar and lemon at home. These three natural ‘cleaners’ will help you in the process and will save you money. You will not have to buy all the bath and kitchen supplies when you can clean the oven, the microwave, the sink and the tiles at the bathroom with a spray of white vinegar. It will absorb any kind of dirt and will decrease the number of bacterias in your home. Baking soda will help you in the ‘high-duty’ fight with stains and  ‘burnt’ food from pots and grills. It will remove any unpleasant odours from furniture, carpets or from your dog, for example. What’s more, it can be used to polish and add deep gloss. Lemon juice will also help you with cleaning the stains, with the cleaning and polishing of glasses, mirrors. What’s more, it will leave a pleasant, nice and fresh smell which will last up to 10 hours after cleaning.
4.   ‘Smart thermostat’ – One of the biggest expenses for every household in the winter is the heating.  The ‘big’ heating bills can be decreased by installing this device. It ‘adjusts’ to your home and constantly updates and changes its settings in order to give the customer the biggest as possible energy savings. It works so well because it ‘knows’ when there is no one in the home and lowers the temperatures of the rooms. It can completely isolate a certain room because this room is not used by anyone. And by doing that, it cuts the heating bill to the minimum. What’s more, it can be remotely controlled through WI-FI. For example, you can make a daily schedule with various temperatures through the day depending on your job.

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