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Time To Start Thinking About Pensions

I’m in my thirties.

Maybe it’s time to start thinking about pensions?

I think we’re of a generation living for the now and not really thinking too much about the future. I would rather enjoy my cash now, then look ahead to when I’ll be older. What if I never make it to being 70+ years old? But, it’s something that needs looking at.

Realistically the earlier you start thinking about them, and investing in one, the better off you should be at retirement age.

I checked what state pension I will receive and both me & my wife will be entitled to (subject to change!) about £160 a week when we retire.

We probably could live off that (we’d probably downsize!) but any extra would come in handy.

This got me thinking, being self-employed, it’s hard to find an amount of money every month which isn’t being used elsewhere, to pay into something that I’m not going to see for years. That’s one of the benefits of being employed, plus your employers pays into it too!

As I say we’d probably survive, but we don’t necessarily just want to survive in life, we want to thrive.

What pension plan do you have?

I’ll update you when I’ve looked into it and considered our options.


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