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Breakdown Cover

As you may have seen we bought a campervan. It’s an old one so one of the obvious things we need is breakdown cover.

We have breakdown cover for our car – I imagine that there’s nothing worse than being stuck on the hard shoulder with no help arriving with a couple of young kids to look after – so we’ve always covered ourselves, especially for during the summer months when we’re perhaps travelling more often & probably further away from home.

I have previously bounced between companies every year to make the most of special new customer offers and cashback payments, but our car breakdown renewal landed in my inbox last week and it got me thinking.

£85 isn’t half bad if you need it, but to only cover one car, that’s quite a lot of cash. So I’ve said goodbye to the RAC this year and am looking for other options. I noticed that a company called Auto Aid has some great online reviews and I asked in a Facebook group we joined about campervans. So often word of mouth recommendations feel more trustworthy. So for a little over £40 (12% cashback too!) wed be covered as individuals, regardless of what car we’re driving. That covers both me & my spouse as well.

It seems crazy that people are still paying three figures for breakdown cover when there are companies offering great service for much less. I suppose they don’t have annoying TV adverts to pay for and they might have their own vans instead of contacting local garages for you, but there are other options out there, not just the ‘big guys’.

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