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Struggling This Summer?

As much as the idea of having the kids at home for six weeks of summer is fantastic, there can often be times when you’re not earning quite as much as if they were at school and perhaps they are a little bored?

The first week is great to unwind, maybe they watch a little bit too much TV or you have some fun in the garden. But what do you do once boredom sets in, or the summer holiday you were going on has been and gone? Within days of the schools finishing, w’re reminded of them starting again with ‘back to school’ offers on the adverts. What can we do, for free (or cheap!) to have an awesome summer?

Go to the park. Local parks are free, they are generally quite good and if you get up and get out early in the morning, you can usually have the run of it yourself, with no queues for the swings. After an hour or 90 minutes they’ll probably have had enough, but they’ll have had their daily exercise, plenty of fresh air and you’ll be able to get home for some sandwiches before it gets too busy or the weather gets too hot at midday.

Get creative – that could be with pencils, pens or paints. Why not update the artwork around the home by doing something that the whole family has taken part in? Maybe try photography?

Go geocaching. It’s like a giant treasure hunt. More info here.

Parkrun (5km) is free & there are lots of Junior Parkruns (2km) now operating for 4-14-year-olds. Why not do some exercise as a family – french cricket, bowls & badminton don’t require too much outdoor space for you to do at home.

Download the Pokemon (or perhaps The Walking Dead: Our World for older kids) app and go for a walk to try and catch all the little characters (or shoot some zombies!) – not only will you have a great walk, you’ll also bond of the common goal of achievement.

Learn something new. How about a different language? Slackrope walking? Stargazing. The possibilities are endless, just use your imagination.

I read somewhere that we only get 18 real summers with our kids (if we’re lucky!) before they fly the nest. I think kids these days are growing up quicker so I’d say it’s more like 14or 15. I know that at 16, so many teenagers don’t want to hang out with their parents. If we put in the effort in now, hopefully, they’ll still want to and we can claw onto those extra years. So often this blog is about money saving tips, but right now, in this moment, go and live your life with the people you love.


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