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The Price Of A Life

This blog post is slightly different. Stay with me.

I spotted a Twitter moment about parents in America getting their kids ready for going back to school. Here in the UK, pretty much on the day the children break up for the summer, television ads start trying to sell us new school uniforms, bags & pencil cases.

Things have changed in the USA. The article detailed just how people over there are preparing for the new term. A bulletproof backpack is the first image we are shown.

Then there are companies building bulletproof classroom doors, adding bulletproof glass to school buses and even bulletproof whiteboards which can double up as shields.

This. Is. Terrifying.

Imagine having to prepare your child not only mentally, as in having a conversation that school shootings could happen in their supposed safe place of education, but also equipping them with things to help save their lives if something was to happen.

I’m not going to get into the whole ‘take the guns away’ debate as I know my views on it and it all seems pretty obvious to me. But look at these new products built and designed and being sold. I might add, being sold at a rather costly price. From a quick look on Amazon one of these backpacks costs over £100. Now, that is nothing compared to the cost of a life, but there should, really, be no need for it. Business is outweighing sense and people are cashing in on the school shootings that happen, which is horrible. That said, I would have no worries about buying one for my child, even though it scares the living hell out of me. Homeschooling has never sounded so good.

This is 2018 & look at the state of the world our kids are living in.

Stay safe everyone. I hope you can gain your education, even in a place of unsafety.


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