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Shark Vacuum Cleaner

I haven’t been paid or given anything by Shark for this review or blog post.

We recently purchased a Shark Vacuum Cleaner. The Shark Powered Lift-Away Vacuum Cleaner with DuoClean. It arrived within about 22hours on next day delivery and it was really easy to put together. So far it has been fantastic. I can’t believe how clean our carpets are, or how dirty they must have been! I had to empty the vacuum after doing just one room it collected so much dirt. I love the fact it has a roller at the front which actually collected particles of all sizes, instead of just pushing them around.

The reason we bought it was quite simple. I got sick of the Dyson we owned. So many people told me the same thing about Dysons being ok to start with and then just getting worse. I saw that Shark are the fastest growing vacuum brand in the UK and thought that must be for a reason. I had a look at reviews and everyone seemed to be raving about them and I don’t think I would go anywhere else after having this new vac for a couple of weeks.

It has a couple of things I would improve. The clip that holds the hose in place could do with being better and the vacuum itself isn’t great on thinner rugs. It runs over the thicker one in our hall perfectly, but any thinner ones, like one we have from Ikea, it pulls it up a little. It’s also pretty heavy – I don’t think my Mum who has MS would be able to use it but both me & the Mrs are ok using it. The dust capacity could be larger too but overall, it’s pretty ace.

Whilst it was a bit of an investment, it should hopefully pay back in time saved and a clean house as our old vacuum wasn’t doing anything.

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