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Random Acts Of Kindness

We had an awesome few days away for our summer holiday earlier this month.

There’s nothing like switching off from the world and enjoying family time.

We did have one day where everything seemed to go wrong. The weather quickly changed when we were rock-pooling and it dumped a load of rain on us, it was fun though! Then we went to a shop and the kids picked out a toy each, but the till broke. Fortunately, I had the right change in cash, so that was fine in the end.

The thing we couldn’t fix that day was, a dog came along on the beach and picked up my little boys straw hat he’s had for years. I held my little boy in my arms as he cried and shouted: “no dog hat” and my wife chased about the mut. Unfortunately, the dog mauled the hat and pretty much ripped it apart. The owner didn’t really care simply stating that it was a dog-friendly beach. Even though it’s a dog-friendly beach, it doesn’t mean the dog can do what it wants. We were fuming. It’s a bit of an attachment for him, he’s known for wearing it all year long. As we bought it so long ago it’s no longer in stock, what were we to do?

There wasn’t one available on Ebay. Mothercare (where it was from) didn’t have any hidden in a stock room. An Instagram message to Little Bird (the brand) came to no avail.

In the end, my wife put a Facebook post online, which got shared and shared and shared. After a few hours, we had a message from a lady in Essex who had the hat, in the right size and she offered to send it to us, for free just so our little boy would be happy again. Her child had outgrown it and as much as we said we’d pay for it, she said she didn’t want anything and would even cover the postage.

A random act of kindness like this can change your perception of the world. We all go through dark times and there are constantly bad events going on in the news. An act like this is a shining light.

We asked for the lady’s address and said we’d send her kids some goodies as my wife is a designer who creates stationery, stickers and other bits and pieces. I also intend to do some other random acts of kindness, like paying for the person’s order in the drive-through queue behind you, as I think this is a great idea and we can all help brighten someone else’s day. Let me know any other ideas you have, over on Twitter.


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