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The Best £16 I’ve Recently Spent

What can £16 get you?

Possibly a meal out at Pizza Express for two, if you have a voucher.

Maybe 5 coffees if you’re lucky.

The best £16 I’ve spent recently was on the New Roald Dahl Collection from The Book People. It was on special offer, 15 of the legendary writer’s books for only £16, in a beautiful box set, delivered!

I read to my sons every night. I’m the resident bedtime storyteller in our house, which still surprises me considering reading Charlie & The Chocolate Factory to them from this collection, is the first full book is completed in probably a decade.

The eldest loved Charlie. You could see his imagination coming to life, picturing a world created by every word, expanding with every chapter. We’ve since moved onto the sequel (which isn’t as good) but are excited about more Roald Dahl creations bringing bedtime to life.

Take a look at what The Book People has available for you, save up to 75% off your favourites plus get 15% off your next purchase by using this link.

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