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Asda Christmas Shopping

As you know, my attention is ever so slightly turning towards Christmas.

I’ve been shoving £10 a week, throughout the year, into a separate savings account which we’ll use for Christmas food, gifts, any new decorations we need, New Year’s Eve stuff & to make January that little bit easier.

I came across this awesome little addition to your Christmas savings if you’re planning on spending at Asda.

The Asda Christmas Savings Card gives you that little bit of an extra bonus if you save to their special festive card. If you…

  • Save £49 you’ll get a £1 bonus
  • Save £97 you’ll get a £3 bonus
  • Save £144 you’ll get a £6 bonus

The website says:

You need to have saved the qualifying amount by 5pm Sunday 18th November 2018, The bonus will be applied to your card by 8am Monday the 19th of November 2018.

So there’s nothing stopping you going into Asda on Sunday 18th November and putting £144 on one of the cards, which will turn into £150 the day after.

You can also have as many cards as you wish, so if you do a lot of shopping there, or are planning on Asda being your one-stop shop this Christmas, you could nestle some money away into two or three cards & increase your bonuses.

I definitely recommend registering your card too, because if you don’t and you lose it, you’re not covered.

You don’t often get free cash for nowt, so it’s worth taking advantage of.



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