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Buying & Selling

It’s the oldest business technique in the book. Buy stuff, sell it on for a profit.

I’ve been doing bits & pieces of this over the years now, mainly on Ebay.

It started when I used to shop at Topman. This must have been a while ago as I don’t have the skinny body for Topman clothes anymore. I used to buy stuff in their sale and then put it on Ebay at a higher price. I didn’t make loads from it but I certainly made more than I spent.

These days, I try to be a little more aware of what I own, what’s around me and what I don’t use that is just taking up space, providing no use to me or I’ve just had enough with. We recently bought a new vacuum cleaner because our old Dyson was rubbish. I put it on Ebay at £20. It sold & the chap collected it. £20 I wouldn’t have got if I’d done what our friends had done & just skipped it. I also buy Now TV boxes or sticks, remove the passes to use myself and then put the product on Ebay with NO PASS INCLUDED in the description. They always sell, meaning that the passes I buy are cheaper than they should be, which is great. I’ve also cleared the shelf in my office of all the old media studies books I had at uni. They are barely used and even though they won’t make me a millionaire by selling them, if I make a bit of cash, free up some space and a new student can grab some decent books at a decent price, that’s fine by me.

Be careful what you buy though. Make sure there is a market for it. I recently watched the Channel 4 series Saving Poundstretcher – mainly because I was in one of their shops when they were filming! What the owner had a problem with though was seeing the bargain, the deal & getting it, regardless of what it was, regardless of if the stores could sell it, if it was something that the customer wanted.

What can you buy & sell to make a side hustle from? Or perhaps eventually a full time wage? It’s certainly worth a shot.


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