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Cheap Sky Cinema

You’ll have previously seen on the blog that I use NowTV for our streaming of television services. Obviously, we have our free-to-air channels but we choose to pay for NowTV because of shows on the likes of Sky Atlantic & Sky Witness as well as on-demand kids channels. We also have access to Sky Cinema. If we paid full whack for all of per month it would be £9.99 for cinema, £7.99 for the entertainment pass & £3.99 for access to the kids shows. That’s almost £22. We haven’t been paying anywhere near that in the past, due to me finding deals on NowTV boxes which include passes and also occasionally buying passcodes on Ebay.

Whilst I have a few entertainment and kids passes remaining in my drawer, I have run out of movies ones. With Christmas on the horizon, I love settling in with a good festive flick & a glass of mulled wine, however, I wasn’t keen on paying £9.99 a month for the access. So I did something I wouldn’t usually do and that is to start the cancellation process.

It’s quite easy on NowTV to cancel your access to the different passes, that’s one of the benefits of it, you can continue & cancel whenever you wish with no contract in place. I clicked the big cancel button and after a couple of screens where they attempt to retain you at the £9.99 rate, I got offered 4 months at £3.99 a month. That’s under £16 for 4 months of movies, which includes all the new Sky Cinema premieres as well as whatever they offer at Christmas time, probably The Greatest Showman!

The lesson here is to not be afraid to cancel. For years I was worried about cancelling our Sky package but we did it and years on we’re in a better position, we’re the ones in control of what we pay for. If you’re on NowTV or one of the similar streaming services, maybe click through the cancellation process & see what deals you are offered.


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