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I Went To The Martin Lewis Money Show


Last night I was lucky enough to be a member of the audience at the Live episode of the Martin Lewis Money Show. It is usually filmed in London but when I spotted they were doing one from Liverpool, which is slightly closer to where I live, I applied for tickets, got them & figured out where St Georges Hall was, which was the venue.

I popped a couple of messages on Twitter saying that I was excited to go. Martin himself retweeted one and Angelica Bell who co-hosts the show with him replied. I then got a message from the show’s account asking if I’d be interested in asking Martin a question on the show and after I sent my phone number, Lauren from the show rang up and we had a great chat. Unfortunately I wasn’t chosen to ask a question (maybe next time?) but my question did get an answer via someone else asking. Awesome, I now know the best kids accounts to open for my little ones.

The show itself was awesome. There were loads of people in attendance and somehow I ended up standing right on the studio floor at the front so when watching it back my ugly mug might be on there a few times.

I enjoyed hearing Martin giving his wise info. He clearly saves many people lots of cash all over the nation. It was also great to see that he covered some things that I’ve mentioned on the blog previously, so I must be doing something right!

As well as his Christmas ‘cracker’ savings piece at the end, Martin monologued about the real Christmas, not the wrapping paper or the expensive gifts. It’s about family. This got a round of genuine applause from every one of us in the audience which I don’t think he was expecting. I’ve been trying to put this message across a few times on here, probably not as well as he did on national TV though. He also had a dig at our political system, dealt with questions about Brexit and even mentioned his own mental health. I love that man! Make sure you go back on ITV catch up to hear what he said. Inspiring!

What I do want to say is this. Martin is a legend. Angelica is a brilliant co presenter. But the team behind the scenes are fantastic. From the camera guys to the star social media producer to the chap all dressed up in a Christmas suit who told us what was going on beforehand and during the ads, all exceptional. Big shout out to the floor manager too who was especially great. It was though, hammered home to all audience members, that it wouldn’t work without us. The interaction with what’s going on, offering questions and reacting to everything too. Clapping, laughing, booing! It’s a team effort and it was good to be part of that team. I’d certainly go along to another live show and I’d encourage you to do so too! You get to shout IN FULL in unison with hundreds of other people which is great fun and get in-house money saving tips which is always a bonus! Thanks Martin! 👍🏻


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