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Enjoy The Little Things

It’s rule 32 of Zombieland, enjoy the little things.

Whilst we don’t live in a movie, there could well be an argument that our world is becoming more of one where people only look out for themselves. Though, that’s probably another blog post in itself.

Enjoying the little things is a perfectly good and reasonable way of approaching life. Not everyone has their dream job, ideal family, position in life that they feel they are destined for. So even though this blog is usually about saving money, sometimes buying a coffee and watching the world go by out of the coffee shop window is good for you.

Life is short, it’s hard, there are times where we wonder how getting through life is possible. Yet taking a few minutes to enjoy the little things, whether that be a squirrel in the park, your favourite song on the radio in the supermarket, or finding the best flavour of ice cream on offer in the frozen section, is a great thing to do.

This week, enjoy the little things and the negative way we often look at the world, might just, for a few seconds, be that little bit brighter.


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