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Religious Education In Schools

Bit of a rant this one… I got embroiled in a Facebook post about whether or not RE should be taught in schools or not. I don’t mind people having their own thoughts on it or doing what they feel is best for their family.

What I *hate* is when people use opinions as fact.

One lady gave her opinion on the post as fact, saying how there is no place for religion, kids aren’t bothered about it, they should be able to pick and choose if they want to study it and it won’t even lead to a career.

I stated that if that is the case then children should be able to pick and choose whatever subjects they study until they actually pick & choose at GCSE level. Some children are bothered about it as some attend places of worship. I hate generalisation, saying that everyone doesn’t believe or everybody isn’t bothered because that’s what her kids are like.

A quick Google & I found that there were currently 88 roles advertised on the Church Of England website. That’s just the CofE!

*this was my mic drop moment*

From here, she then ignored this actual fact and asked if I have children. Like that matters in order to give some facts. What does that have to do with anything? If I’m using stats and facts then what does it matter if I have kids, even though I do?

I’m all for people standing up for what they believe in, in this life but see the other side as well. Respect the facts that are just that. Ignorance is bliss for some folk.


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