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I needed to buy a replacement photography filter recently. Mine had broken (into the shape of the Bat-signal!?!) when I got it out my camera bag and as it’s a go-to one I knew I needed to replace it quickly.

Having purchased it directly from the retailer last time, I went there first but also remember they sell on Amazon. That’s when I noticed an ‘offer’ banner flickering at me from the top of the page.

Top up £40 & we’ll give you £5 free.

I was about to spend £39.

So basically the Amazon offer was to ‘top up’ my account with a gift card style purchase, which they would credit an extra £5 to. Free cash to spend! Not often you get that!

As I was making the purchase anyway it made sense. This isn’t an excuse to overspend or top up with money you don’t have.

I’ve seen similar offers before (an extra £3 was one of them, £6 was another!) so it’s always worth keeping an eye out on the page you’re buying from as sometimes it’s not as obvious an offer as it perhaps should be. Quite often it says ‘get this for £34’ if it is a £39 item you’re looking at, for instance. I do though think they are sometimes account specific and won’t always work for everyone, or will only work once per account.

So whether you’re buying a new Canon camera, a bestselling book by John Grisham or this year’s must have Christmas toy, keep your eyes peeled. If you’re spending the cash anyway, you might as well spend less, or at least get a bonus!



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