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Dinosaur Day

We don’t do Halloween in our house.

I’m not that fussed about summoning demons or larking around in the dark, we’re all about the light in this world, the good, the positive.

So instead, we celebrate Dinosaur Day on October 31st.

If you don’t know, Dinovember runs throughout the whole of November. It’s when toy dinosaurs come to life and wreck havoc across the globe, making a mess, causing a kerfuffle & generally doing awesome things that toy dinosaurs do.

The idea was dreamt up a number of years about by husband and wife team Refe & Susan Tuma. They have a huge internet following, inspiring other parents to go to extreme lengths to give their kids an awesome morning every day in November, as they wake up to see what the dinos got up to the night before. They’ve even had books published!

It’s awesome to be part of & great to see what other dinosaurs across the world get up to overnight whilst we all sleep. We’ve had ours pull the cookbooks down to create steps to the biscuit shelf, ‘help’ make our son’s packed lunch and even stow away in our luggage when we went on a long weekend break.

Get involved dino fans!


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