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Christmas Gift Guide 2018

Here is my gift guide for Christmas 2018.

There are so many gift lists doing the rounds, telling you what the must-have toy of the year is, or promoting certain offers, one day deals and must buys.

Kids don’t want expensive gadgets, they’d rather have your time.

I’m not saying not to treat the kids, not to give them something that will light up their faces when they see it under the Christmas tree. But don’t get yourself into debt either. A happy, stable family home is better than one which is struggling to make ends meet, but has the must have of the festive season. Stick a festive film on & enjoy it together!

Spend time with family and friends instead of buying them a gift from the Boots 3 for 2 offer. What’s the point of me giving you £20 for you to give me £20? Why not go out on a day trip together, or have a meal with one another, instead of swapping cash or gifts which you won’t use?

Debt cripples so many people during Christmas. Throwing money around isn’t what it’s all about. Think of the real memories of Christmas that you have. A few gifts under the tree yes, but spending time with loved ones, making memories that are now all you have because they’ve gone from this life. I don’t remember the many of the presents I opened from my Grandparents, but I remember sitting round, pulling crackers& enjoying a festive meal together.

Spend time together, make memories, share love.


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