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5 apps you can use to make money from your old stuff

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I’m Laura, and I am a die-hard fan of selling my old unwanted items for cash online. It’s a great way to declutter and get rid of things you no longer love, and make some money towards something new. Although I have been selling my unwanted things on eBay for around 8 years, I only delved into the world of using apps for selling a couple of years ago.

Now that I’ve started to use apps for selling, I would never go back to using my PC. With a built in camera on a smartphone, it’s a doddle to open up the app (with often much simpler formatting than its online equivalent) and get listing. Another reason I love using the apps is that I can snap photos when I have some spare time (and daylight!) at the weekends, and then create the listings whilst I’m waiting for a bus or watching TV.

There are so many selling apps out there, and each one is suited to a different product type and demographic. If you’ve got boxes of possessions collecting dust, and you’re not sure where to begin, or you want an easier way to sell online, I’ve got you covered with a breakdown of my favourite selling apps.


Shpock is the go-to app to sell your unwanted household items such as furniture, appliances and even bicycles. Buyers can browse the app by their location- everything on the ‘discover’ homepage is nearby, and will include every product category imaginable, sorted from nearest to your location.

To sell on Shpock, all you need to do is snap a photo, create a title and description, select a category and name your price. Buyers will come to collect the items, so you don’t even need to leave your own home to sell your old possessions and make some money. It’s technology at its finest.

Shpock is perfect if you live in a bustling city or town, as there is a higher chance of buyers viewing listings near you. You ideally need to be easily accessible to your buyers, so that they can come and collect their item without any hassle. That said, if you do live a little more rurally and someone really wants your item- you can bet they will come and drive an extra 10 minutes to get it!


Everyone has heard of eBay- an online marketplace with hundreds of thousands of users, but have you tried selling on eBay using their app? eBay is my marketplace of choice when selling my preloved clothing, simply because of the vast amount of people that use the site every single day. The more people that you have searching a marketplace, the more likely it is that your item is going to sell.

The app is super easy to use, and it prompts you step-by-step to build your listing in no time at all. The app has everything you need to create a successful listing, and you can even schedule your posts so that they begin and end at set times so that your earning potential is optimised. For example, more people will be browsing eBay at 7pm on a Sunday evening than at midnight on a Tuesday night- by scheduling your listings you can ensure that they end when most people are online and looking to buy.


The popularity of Depop has grown astronomically since its conception in 2011, it has been hailed as a destination for teens and young people (those under the age of 24) to get their hands on limited edition clothing and sought after vintage sportswear pieces.

If you have some rare, sold out pieces of clothing to sell- Depop is the place to sell it. The audience on Depop will be largely looking to find unique, fashionable clothing and accessories that they can wear once or twice and sell again on Depop. Depop facilitates the ‘throwaway’ attitude to clothes, but endorses the idea of wearing second hand and preloved clothing.

Creating a listing on Depop is simple, but your listing can get lost in a sea of similar items- there is no ‘end’ date to your listing, and so there is the risk that your listing can fall to the bottom of the pile fairly quickly if there are a lot of similar items listed for sale.


Vinted is the perfect app to go to when you want to sell clothing- creating a listing is, again, very straightforward with their handy app. You snap a photo on your smartphone, add your title, description and price- it couldn’t be easier to make money from your old stuff. The absolute best thing about Vinted is that you keep 100% of the selling total, as unlike marketplaces like eBay, there are no fees for sellers.

21 million people use Vinted globally, so you have access to a huge pool of people waiting to buy your preloved clothes. When you are creating your listing, you have the option to tick a box to say whether you are available to swaps. If you are open to swapping clothing with someone else, you can swap something old for something new instead of getting cash- perfect if you were looking to purchase something else anyway.


Mercari is another selling app which has no listing fees- which is always good news! Creating a listing is a very similar process to the apps above, but Mercari also prompts you with little hints and tips to make your listing stand out. For example, before you take a photo, a prompt comes up saying ‘show yourself wearing the item to sell faster’ with some example photos that others have taken before.

The app also has handy explanations about how to calculate postage prices, and how features on the app work such as accepting offers on items.

Mercari also have features which are unique to their selling platform such as their ‘make it rain weekends’ where Mercari staff (their buying team) will search through the available listings on the app and offer you instant offers on your clothing item if they like it. These can be seriously profitable and by listing when these features are running, you are more likely to make cash quickly from your unwanted clothing.

So there we have it- a guide to 5 apps that you can use to make money from your old stuff. Selling your old possessions using apps is the easiest way to get cash for your clutter. It’s also extremely convenient to sell your items through an app, simply because you can be working on your listings in any location, and at any time. Happy Listing!





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