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Sell Your Broken Stuff

I’ve previously blogged about selling your stuff. It’s a great way to make more money from stuff you don’t necessarily use. Something else you shouldn’t just look at & think that you need to throw away, is broken stuff.

Our vacuum cleaner broke – we sold it for £30. We had a broken TV which we got replaced because it was still under warranty – sold for £25. I’ve since put 3 other broken items online & they all have bids. From a tower fan which no longer functions with bids starting at 99p, to a cool box I’ve put on at £10 and an electric fire which, just like the vacuum, has been replaced, at bids starting at £20.

That would be pushing £100 which would have just been thrown in the tip. I’ve put these items on at collection only, so no trips to the post office required and it’s on the buyer to collect. Whether you use Ebay, Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree or one of the many other options, take a look around and see what’s broken and just collecting dust in your home.

I bet you’d rather have the cash!



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