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Waitrose While You’re Away

This is an odd one to me.

Waitrose are trialing a new concept, one which has proven popular in other countries but I see loads of problems with.

The delivery driver will deliver your shopping, but also enter your premises and put it all away for you.


Essentially we’re all too busy to not only do the shopping, but put it away for ourselves.

I know where I like the butter to be in the fridge, and the milk. Someone else putting frozen bits & pieces in the freezer will confuse me!

Not only that, I see it having problems with delivery drivers letting other people know if it’s a house worth breaking into. What’s stopping the driver have someone follow them in, behind the camera and nick a TV, for example. Or even hide in the house for when the owners come home. It’s fraught with potential issues in my opinion.

More about the concept:

Customers will have to have a Yale Keyless Connected Smart Lock on their door. Which is around £200 (free if you partake in the trial!) There’s a minimum spend and the smart lock code will be sent to the driver when they arrive. The whole process will be filmed on a chest mounted camera which you can then replay later on. The driver will put all your shopping away.

The trial is for 100 people in the London area with the idea of rolling it out to 1000 in Spring.

What do you think about it? Would you let someone have access to your house?



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