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Clear Out Your Stuff

I’ve banged on about this before but once again I’ve been clearing stuff out.

Things I no longer need.

Things I don’t use.

Things that are doing nothing but gathering dust.

I was recently planning a photography trip to Scotland and my camera bag was full, beyond belief. I looked at what I use and what I don’t. I ended up putting my GoPro Karma Grip on Ebay because I very rarely use it and it being there is probably more of a hassle than it not. It’s a great product but I don’t use it, so it’s gone, freeing up space and weight in my bag and also putting some money towards the next purchase.

I also had some things from the loft sat waiting to be put on Ebay so I did the same with those. Hopefully they’ll sell and I’ll have some cash and some space back in my office.

Get your stuff sold before the end of the year!


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