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Asda Christmas Savings Card

I wrote last year about the Asda Christmas Savings Card, which gives you a bonus if you top it up. The idea is that you’re supposed to top it up throughout the year to save for your ‘big shop’ at Christmas, but as long as you have a certain amount on there by a certain date, you’ll get the bonus. Last year, the maximum bonus you could get was £6 if you had £144 on your card.

For 2019, they’ve changed things.

The new tiers are as follows:

  • Save £280+ and receive a £15 bonus
  • Save £230-£279 and receive a £12 bonus
  • Save £180-£229 and receive a £9 bonus
  • Save £130-179 and receive a £6 bonus
  • Save £80-£129 and receive a £3 bonus
  • Save £30-£79 and receive a £1 bonus

This is better for the customer. There are more options, and the top bonus is higher than the equivalent of last year. £144 gained £6. £280 (so less than double) gains you 1.5 times more.

The date you need to save by is 17th November. Then, whatever bonus you qualify for will be automatically added and if you already have a card, you don’t need to get a new one. You can even get two cards to save onto. Just be clever & only save £280 on one card, even though you can save up to £485. You might as well get another card & another bonus.

Be sure to register them on the website so the balances are safe if lost.

We didn’t even spend the full amount we’d saved at Christmas, which helped make January that little bit easier. If you do your shopping at Asda, it’s a no brainer.


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