We had 8 guests at our wedding: two sets of parents; best man; witnesses; maid of honour. I made the canapées and we drank very fine champagne at our house having taken a couple of taxis to the registry office up the road. We could have spent less but we all love good champagne so why not, we’d saved on everything else. Afterwards we went to our favourite Chinese restaurant for a banquet and then home for a nice cup of tea! Everyone talked to everyone, we gave fun speeches, kicked up our heels and had a fab time. We wore clothes we already had, and didn’t have rings so all in all it was fairly frugal. I had no desire to spend a day running up debt with a load of people I rarely see, putting them to the cost of travel, overnight accommodation in some cases, new outfits, presents etc I would recommend it to everyone who’s not carried away by the whole frou-frou dress and princess carriage nonsense pedalled by the wedding industry. It’s the bond you’re forming with the one you love that matters, not flower arrangements and a dozen bridesmaids.