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The Cost Of Weddings

I recently got an email from a publication stating that the myth of wedding prices is over £30k, whereas the true cost of the average UK wedding is just shy of £12,000.


That is BONKERS!

Do you really want to start married life by blowing £12k on a day? That probably doesn’t include a honeymoon either.

Our wedding cost around £5k. Which was more than I wanted it to. We cut costs where we could, the guest list was family and close friends – not including partners we hadn’t met or if they weren’t ‘serious’ relationships in terms of being engaged or living together. My suit cost £45, to buy, not to hire!

I think weddings can go too far and you can end up buying things you don’t need and that don’t actually add anything to your day. Do you really need a Champagne and canapes reception when people arrive at your venue? Would Prosecco do? Or just a glass of Pimms? Or just let people buy their own drinks! There are things you can cut back on, or do yourself to keep costs lower.

Don’t get swept along in the nonsense of spending money. Think about the future.


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