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Pay Your Freelancers

If you run a business & hire freelancers to do work for you, pay ’em.

I’m sure 99% of business owners who hire work out to freelance folk do pay on time, but the 1% lets the side down.

Imagine not being paid on time. Imagine you have bills, a mortgage, food to buy and your salary doesn’t get paid when it should, how would you feel? The world of freelance isn’t a certain one, payments are few & far between and often you find yourself chasing them. But business owners should put themselves in the shoes of people they owe money to sometimes and see how it would affect them.

I’ve stopped working for some clients who don’t pay on time. I’ve done the world, given them the invoice with 30 days payments terms and then they can’t stick to it. I’ve even sent an additional invoice when no payment arrived, adding a late payment charge and they threw their toys out the pram.

If everyone just dd what they were meant to, live would be so much easier.


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