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Stop Doing Work That Doesn’t Make You Happy

I’ve written before about how I fired a client.

I’ve recently parted ways with another.

Some clients want you to work solely for them, even though you’re only working for them for maybe 2 hours a week. I don’t mind doing an extra bit of work here and there, or replying to emails on weekends occasionally, but if a client treats you like you are their full time employee, not realising that you work for a number of clients and can’t just drop everything to call them when they demand, it’s not going to work.

Pay me a full time rate & give me a full time job and I’d consider it, even though I love the variety of my work, but don’t agree a set number of hours per week and then not expect me to take into account the masses of emails you expect me to reply to.

I’ve come to the conclusion that when you are self employed or freelance, as much as you might want to grab hold of every ounce of work put in your direction, it’s not good for you. If work doesn’t make you happy, or on the flip side, if it makes you stressed, annoyed, frustrated, surely that goes against the idea of being freelance or self employed and being in a position to do the work you want to do.

I’m not saying be overly picky and obnoxious towards clients, simply choose the ones you want to work with and that you enjoy working with.



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