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McDonald’s Monopoly Is Back

Many people wait all year for these few weeks where a Big Mac Meal could mean you win huge prizes!

Its been in the press over the last couple of days as an MP has stood up and said it should be banned due to it not being wise to get people to buy junk food with the idea of winning prizes. I think this is ridiculous and if you say this then you have to look at everything down to church raffles. It’s a simple marketing ploy and people are educated enough to make their own decisions.

McDonald’s have changed a few things this year already – with prize stickers on more products including bags of carrots & the same amount of stickers on meals regardless of a medium or large meal.

With top prizes on offer including £100k & Mini Cooper cars, will you be taking part? I don’t really eat from there but occasionally get a portion of fries if the kids want a Happy Meal. I’ll be on the look out for instant win prizes like meals & drinks but if you’re after one of the big wins, I wish you luck!


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