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Festival Trolleys

I’ve been to many festivals in my time. More without a family than with. But we’ve still been to a fair few as a family. That said, I’m still baffled by the price that people are willing to pay to hire a trolley.

Whether that be for 30 minutes (£6 every half hour) or an entire week (I’ve seen them for £80 & you have to pay £100 deposit too.) That said, we created our own, which we used more than once and was actually surprisingly easy to get to and from the festival and store the rest of the year.

We bought our trolley off Ebay for £49.90. It’s actually gone down in price now I check the link five years later, now on sale for just under £47. That includes postage too!

Already you’re winning, if you’re prepared to pay £80 for a week at a festival, albeit, for a trolley which has cushions & a canopy, you can afford to spruce up your Ebay purchase.

For transporting it to the festival I removed the handle & remembered to put the tools in the car to reattach it! It fit across the width of the boot so there was still plenty of space to put your belongings. You might have to squeeze your sleeping bags into the space underneath the trolley and perhaps bend a few bags around the wheels to fit everything in, but when you get there, there is the added benefit of not queuing in the trolley line, emptying your belongings straight into your personal trolley and taking your time to get set up, not clock watching to see how many half hours your spent.

The kids love hanging out in it, a bunch of cushions thrown in to stop the harshness of metal and for younger children it’s the perfect place to take a well deserved nap, in the shade of the canopy away from any festival sun we never get. Make it personal to your family as well, make it stand out, name it, get your sewing machine out & create your own padding around the edges, build your own tent on top, pop a personalised number plate on it! You could even add a cool box to it to keep your festival beers chilled. The possibilities are endless.


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