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You Can Freeze Milk

Did you know that you can freeze milk?

We don’t use a lot of milk in our house but getting it, like anything, at a reduced price is always good for the bank balance. I was recently at a supermarket at about 8pm and there was a lot of organic milk reduced to 28p for 4 pints.

There must have been six bottles of it, all organic, all originally sold at £1.75 a bottle. I could have got all six bottles for the original retail price of one!

This got me thinking, can we freeze milk?

The simple answer is yes. Yes we can.

But take a few things into account first.

Freeze before it’s use by date. Milk expands when you freeze is, so ensure there is plenty of room for it to do this. Do what you can to avoid leaks – stand it up instead of laying it on it’s side, for example. Milk also turns yellow when you freeze it, don’t be shocked by this – organic doesn’t go quite as yellow as non-organic. Also, full fat doesn’t freeze as well as semi skimmed due to it’s higher fat content.

Once defrosted (don’t microwave!), give it a good shake to get rid of the watery layer which often forms at the top. Use within a couple of days, use your senses to known when it’s gone off. Note that sour milk can be used in cooking & baking.

Just like milk, butter can also be frozen, as can some cheeses – harder cheese freezes better than soft.

Hopefully these bits of info will help you check out the reduced section, save money & stop food going to waste.

For more info – check out this article.



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