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Drying Your Clothes

I dread putting the tumble dryer on.

I can envision the electricity metre flying round as fast as the tumble spins.

It’s expensive to use a tumble dryer and so often much easier & convenient to just shove your laundry in & hit go. But you’ll save money by drying your clothes naturally.

Last year I installed a new washing line which was about £6, but it has two lines coming out of it. The washing line that was here when we bought the house has certainly seen better days and it’s length didn’t offer enough space to dry all our stuff.

The double line offers twice the amount of drying space and can hold about two loads, depending on what’s being washed. We also have two off cuts of wood which I had laying about from when I made our decking area, which I sawed slits into the top, so they can be used as poles to hike the lines up slightly and  separate them away from each other, allowing the clothes to dry quicker.

There’s something satisfying about drying your clothes for free and they always smell and feel fresh too. Over the Easter holidays when we had exceptional weather, I must have put 4 or 5 loads of washing through the machine and line dried it. Towels cleaned, bedding changed, saving money by using the hot temperature to our advantage.

Use your washing line!


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