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Use Your Lunch Break

So many people don’t use the lunch our they are entitled to.

I remember when I used to work in the city, I didn’t. I occasionally walked to a shop to get a sandwich & a coffee, or if i’d brought my lunch in that day I’d eat it at my desk, in the kitchen zone or very occasionally outside for a few minutes.

We should take our full lunch break though. As I say above, we’re entitled to it. But we’re also doing ourselves an injustice if we don’t rest. A break will improve your physical and mental health whilst also giving you time away from the desk so your productivity boosts when you return. With fresh eyes & fresh ideas.

Don’t just sit at your desk, your mind & body won’t thank you for it. Improve your well-being by getting away from the office, reading a book, laying in the sunshine, developing your skills, going for a run, trying something different.

This People Management article on the subject is really worth reading.

You can read more about the UK laws regarding breaks here.


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