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Save Money On Your Food Shop

Emma Drew is an award winning personal finance blogger who blogs all about ways to make money, save money and live the life you want. Emma is passionate about sharing genuine money making and money saving opportunities. You can also find Emma on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube. Over to Emma…

A big area of overspending for many of us can happen during our food shopping. More often than not we can end up buying way too much food that ends up not getting eaten. Today I’ll be sharing some tips on how you can end up saving thousands of pounds over the year on your food shopping.

Use Vouchers / Online Offers

Supermarkets are always running offers and sending out vouchers so make sure to plan your food shops around these if you can find any offers for the products you regularly buy. A lot of times, I’ll get vouchers for money off when spending over a certain amount which I’d normally spend anyways. Also keep an eye out in magazines for vouchers. You can also download apps such as Shopmium to get exclusive offers and sometimes even freebies!

Meal Plan

Meal planning can save you a small fortune on your food shopping. When buying ingredients, always plan to spread them across at least two meals, even more if you can do so! Also bulk cooking your meals can help you save money when buying all your ingredients at once. When you meal plan you can also take into account ingredients you have already in the cupboard, such as pasta and rice.

Bulk buy

Bulk buying products can also save you a lot of money! Many places will bulk sell products such as drinks, toiletries and staples such as rice or pasta. Buying these once a month from shops that offer cheaper products when bought in bulk can save you a lot of money compared to doing top ups throughout the week.

Get a Clubcard / Nectar Card

Make sure to sign up to any loyalty schemes and cards any supermarkets offer. You can save a lot over the year through offers and points. A lot of times, you’ll get sent vouchers for freebies or money off products you buy on a regular basis.

Keep an eye out for yellow labels

If you can time your food shopping to the evenings, depending on your luck you can end up buying a week’s worth of meat or veg for a fraction of the price! I always head to the reduced isle to see what is waiting isn’t and have got many great yellow label bargains in my time!

Don’t always go for branded products

A lot of the time, you have the option to go for a value or basic version of a product and in my experience with a lot of products, the quality difference is either unnoticeable or miniscule. The price difference compared to premium or branded can be considerably more so take note of your regular purchases and try to swap out a few products and see if you can notice a difference.


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