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DVD Rental Is Back

I was recently in one of our local charity shops, probably the best one nearby, it’s an Age Concern. My kids were looking at the books and I noticed a LOT of DVDs on a stand.

They were £1 each and they had some GREAT titles. Don’t judge me but I spotted the likes of James Bond, The Matrix, The Wrestler, other action films and plenty of romantic comedies too. This got me thinking that for £1, you can essentially do what you used to do at Blockbusters. DVD rental is back! But not only that, you’re helping a charity. If you don’t want to keep the DVD, take it back to the shop so it can be sold again and pick up something new!

Cheaper than monthly Netflix subscription. More affordable than the cinema!

Widen the range of films you’ve watched, enjoy a cheap night in with loved ones, all whilst also helping charity!


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