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The Cost Of Being A Wedding Guest

According to an annual study by American Express, the cost of being a wedding guests has risen by 25% between 2018 & 2019.

The average cost of a hotel stay has rocketed to £72 from £54 and people are spending on average £18 more than last ear on an outfit, at £68.

There are ways and means to cut down on paying money but still show support to the happy couple. If you know you are definitely going to the wedding, book your accommodation (if you need it!) as early as you can. Don’t just settle for the hotel they’re perhaps getting married in. Premier Inn & Travelodge often have special deals where you can get a room for around £29. We’ve got a campervan and I wouldn’t be adverse to staying in that overnight if need be!

Re-wear something you’ve already got. No one is really going to be looking at you, it’s the bride & groom’s big day. So what if you’ve worn the dress previously? If you’ve been invited to the stag/hen party, pick and choose what you can afford. W can’t all be Mr & Mrs moneybags, we have mortgages and the like which need to be covered each month. A weekend in Greece isn’t at the top of everyone’s lists. Maybe just do the evening meal instead of the paintballing.

Gifts don’t have to cost the earth either. Your presence is often enough and outweighs a physical present. Maybe consider a charity donation or going in on a present with other people to split the cost.

It’s their happy day & of course you want to be part of the celebrations, but there is so much debt in this world, we don’t want to add more to it.


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