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Go With Your Gut

Last year I saw that a company were looking for some online marketing help. I emailed, they replied saying they’d taken someone else on but would be in touch as they liked the look of my work.

They never got in touch. That’s cool.

Then I recently saw they were looking for help again – the previous hire obviously went well and they must have lost my email? You know where this is going, you know when you get that gut feeling about something? That it’s probably not right?

Anyway, I emailed them again and they got back in touch and seemed keen. But they wanted to know details of what I’d done for other clients, like, not just things it’s be happy to say, things that I expect they wouldn’t be happy if I divulged to another client about their own business. Obviously I said I couldn’t do that and just pushed what I could offer. After a few emails back and forth they said I hadn’t shown enough interest in the company and hadn’t asked enough questions. Huh?

I’d spent a vast proportion of my afternoon replying to emails from them and also read through their website for half an hour to get a feel for their business. Some people are just out there to waste your time. Should have gone with the gut.


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