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Should I Get A Water Meter?

Saving money wherever we can helps us live a better life. It can help us save for retirement and literally put food on the table week in, week out. One of the ways you could save money is by getting a water meter installed.

With a water meter, you only pay for the water you use. Rather than a fixed monthly fee, you pay for the exact amount used on showering, flushing the toilet and of course, drinking! The general rule of thumb is if there are more bedrooms than people in the house, you could probably save money. This is down to the estimate that you are charged being calculated by the amount of bedrooms in the house and these estimates are generally out of date.

I know that we, as a young family, using the washing machine every other day, taps being left on (!) and lots of baths and showers, we probably wouldn’t save any money, but once the kids have left home and there are only two of us, we probably would.

If you live in England and Wales you’ll be able to get a water meter fitted for FREE. Scotland, sorry, you have to pay for it.

Oh no, it’s more expensive! Contact the company within 12 months and you can usually get things reversed so you aren’t paying more. This is only if you’ve asked for the meter to be installed though. If it’s there when you move into the property, you’re stuck with it.

You can use a calculator on the Consumer Council for Water website which gives you an idea about whether you can save cash, or not.


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