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Car Insurance Renewals

NEVER go with your car insurance renewal.

We recently got our multicover renewal through, which was by far the cheapest last year. This year, they whacked an extra £250 on the price, out of no were. Ridiculous.

After doing a little price comparison online, I rang them up and straight away they knocked nearly £200 off the price, within 2 minutes of me being on the phone.

It was still more expensive than the two separate quotes I had in front of me (for car & van insurance individually) so I went with the cheapest, which actually worked out, combined, as cheaper than last year. Over £300 cheaper than my original renewal quote.

I think places like this should take note. You might get away with a couple of people accepting the renewal, or just letting the automatic renewal continue year on year, but you’ll likely lose customers by trying it on in this manner.


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