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My Top Money Saving Tip

Some friends of ours recently asked my wife if I’d be willing to sit down with them and look at their finances. I’m more than happy to help anyone with their money.

That got me thinking, I couldn’t help everyone in this way and by no means am I an expert.

But what would be top money saving tip be?

There are so many to choose from. Ideas about saving cash in better accounts, using cashback sites, checking you’re on the best tariffs and perhaps swapping your broadband or TV supplier.

The ultimate one though, which kind of incorporates everything, is to live within your means.

If you earn £2000 a month as a household, with a take home pay of £1500, with £500 left after mortgage payments and bills, live within that. Don’t spend £700 a month, because, basic maths, you’ll be in debt.

Start to live within your means and things will change.


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