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The Cost Of Drinking

I don’t drink a lot these days, barely anything. Occasionally a beer if we’re out for tea somewhere. My kids got me a couple of non alcoholic ones for Father’s Day because I’m just not that bothered about it anyone. I used to drink a LOT. I suppose that’s what university is for.

If I think back, I reckon I went out maybe 4 times a week and drank probably up to 10 drinks some nights, maybe even more. Other nights were just a couple of quiet pints though so let’s take 7 drinks as an average, over 4 nights, at an average of £3 a drink which is probably low. That’s over £4k a year!

I often think to myself – I can’t buy that, when looking at a new shirt or perhaps a second hand camera lens. Then my wife always tells me that we don’t spend money on drinking. We don’t have that as something we do week in week out, so why not treat yourself occasionally?

Even if you just go to the pub one night a week and have four pints, that’s over £600 a year. I’m not trying to begrudge anyone a good time. Just think about what you’re spending and what else you could spend it on.


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