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I Went For An Interview

I wasn’t job hunting or looking for a new role. I like my work, the freedom self employment gives & the variety working with many clients brings.

But a member of the family saw a local role advertised, thought it sounded like me and sent me the link. I agreed, it did sound like my kind of job, and it was working for the local hospice too. If I ever left self employment behind I always thought it would have to be a job which was to do with helping people, this one certainly was.

I mulled it over, went for the interview, don’t think I was particularly good in the interview and after a few days I heard they’d gone with someone else. Fully expected.

It’s been 10 years since I had an interview and I was dreading it. Apparently it’s also hard to get out of self employment once you’re in it and employers don’t look at you as favourably. So really, I didn’t expected to have to make a decision about whether I would take it or not, it was nice to have that decision made for me. I wasn’t convinced that I would have taken the job if offered, it would have been a big decision. I probably would have swayed more towards doing so if my kids were older and they didn’t want me to walk them to school anymore. New jobs, careers, opportunities are great, but jobs come and go. Family is right now and these are important years I’ll never get back.

It was a door I’m glad I pushed and you never know what will come from it further down the line. Taking chances and seeing what happens is part of life. No regrets.


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