helping you save cash

Every Little Helps

A well known company uses this tag line but i’m commandeering it for this post.

I’m recently been talking to a number of friends who need to save money. One of them is going back to college with the aim of changing careers, another one is always overdrawn every month. Both of these have families with children.

Me being me, I started asking them how much they pay for X Y & Z. This included broadband, utilities, general bills every month. Whilst it’s really none of my business, I like to try and save folk money. One of them could easily save £15 a month on broadband. The other could probably split their grocery bill in half by moving to to the likes of Aldi.

Every little does help when you’re trying to save money. If you can get your milk, bread and the rest of your big shop for less than you can at your go-to shop, without any real downgrade in the food itself, why wouldn’t you move? If you can get the exact same broadband for a fraction of the price you’re currently paying, why wouldn’t you change supplier?

It might take time and so often people can’t be bothered, but in the long run, you will save some cash.


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