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Make Money Now

If you need some cold hard cash right now, there are a few ways to go about it. Firstly, don’t go to a loan shark or a high interest loan company. Please don’t do that to yourself, don’t be tempted, it’s not worth the life you’re making for yourself by signing that kind of contract.

What you can do is sell some stuff. Look around your house and see what you haven’t used for a while. Is it worth some money, could you sell it? Maybe there’s some clothes in your wardrobe you could do the same with? Selling is free on Facebook marketplace but you’ll widen your potential buyers by selling on eBay – though it will eat into your profits.

Online surveys are easy to do and if you have a laptop and internet access you can make some cash. It probably won’t be loads, but it certainly adds up.

Have you ever considered reselling? Find something cheap on offer and flogging it for it’s normal RRP online, sometimes even above that recommended price. You can make a lot of money in vintage clothing and toys such as Lego.

Set up a side hustle business like mowing lawns or cleaning windows. You might have the things you need to do this in your house already and you could canvas the neighbourhood knocking on doors. It could even become something you do regularly for some clients and provide an extra few quid every month.

What are you top tips for ways to make money if you need it right now?


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