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Three Months ‘Til Christmas

It’s only three months until Christmas Day!

The Christmas movie channels have already started, there’s plenty of Christmas gifts on the shelves at the shops and we’re just waiting for the Christmas adverts to hit the TV screens. With only three months until Christmas, now is the time to start thinking about Christmas to get your day organised.

One thing to remember is that Christmas is only one day.

It’s not worth getting too stressed about. It’s certainly not worth getting yourself into debt over. As much as kids love toys, they love their parents more and if you’re unhappy, they’ll be unhappy. They often get more enjoyment out of the box than the toy that’s inside it. Don’t worry too much about the food going onto the Christmas dinner table. I say that it’s a glorified roast dinner which people get far too uptight about. Our kids don’t want to sit down and enjoy the trimmings at the moment, they want to play and have fun. If you want to serve up beans on toast, why not? Do what works for you.

One of my top tips is to do exactly that! Have a casual Christmas Day dinner but if you really want to enjoy a sit down Christmas feast, get to a local pub and enjoy their festive menu before Christmas Day. Going to a pub or restaurant on Christmas Day will cost you the earth, on Christmas eve, it’s much cheaper and pretty much the exact same food!

One of the things we’re cutting back on is Christmas cards. We used to send a card to our children’s auntie and one to the uncle and one to the cousin. In the end it just gets ridiculous so we’re just doing one card to each family, from our family. We also cut back on the number we send through the post as that’s postage we don’t really need to spend. Our friends and family who we’d send them to hear from us anyway, either by phone, on WhatsApp or in person. Sending cards through the post is a lot of money which can be spent elsewhere.

If you are buying Christmas presents, it is the season of giving after all, make sure you click through cashback websites. Quidco and TopCashBack are the most popular ones but if you shop on Amazon, these two don’t usually have much to offer you in terms of cashback. If you sign up to Kidstart, you can get 2% on every Amazon shop. Well worth doing it, especially as you save the money for your kids, or grandkids, or nieces/nephews/friend’s children.

Remember, it’s the thought that counts, not the amount that you spend. Why not get creative and make your presents this year? You could bake, draw, sew, illustrate, photograph or do something else to give that present that’s a tad more personal.

Again, it’s only one day. It’s worth planning for so you don’t panic buy on Christmas Eve and end up paying for it in January. If you have a plan in place and execute it well, you’ll likely save money and make January that little bit more manageable. Enjoy the festive season unravelling but remember to keep a hold on those purse strings.


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